Why use free weights ?

Posted: 14 April 2013

When you start working out with free weights you need to understand that they require a lot of concentration. If you follow the appropriate safety precautions lifting weights can be very safe. In this article we will review some of the benefits of using free weights.

You can do multiple exercises with free weights: With free weights you can exercise basically any part of your body. Free weights also enable you to do literally hundreds of workouts. When compared to weight machines, bar bells and dumbbells offer a lot more versatility. The best exercise machines only offer a set number of exercises.

When using weights you have the ability to move the weight into any position you like: Take for instance bench pressing. When using a bench press you can do bench press with the weight directly over your pectorals or you could slide the bar a few inches forward and work a completely different part of the muscle. Or you could spread your grip or bring your hands closer together to also change the targeted muscle group. By adjusting bar position and by using different grips you will work different parts of the pectoral muscle. You can do this on any exercise using free weights.

Also with free weights you incorporate the stabilizer muscles and use multiple muscle groups when doing different movements. For instance, when you're doing a bench press you're not only working the pectoral muscles but you're also working the back muscles, the shoulder muscles and triceps. Your abdominal muscles also come into play. These muscles are impacted when you try to keep the bar from swaying. When using a weight machine keeping the bar still is not an issue so you do not incorporate the stabilizer muscles or your back and abdominal muscles.

One needs to understand that using barbells are dumbbells inherently has more risk than using weight machines. This is based on the fact that with weight machines there is no need for you to stabilize the weight. The weight machine is there to make sure the weight is under control. With free weights you are required to use your body to keep this weight stable while doing the exercise. If you follow common safety precautions you should have no problem.

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