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Posted: 25 April 2012

Body weight exercises

Check out these body weight exercises

Posted: 25 April 2012

What young people will do to play the game they love

Check out what these 11 yr old kids in Thailand built. Incredibly cool and inspiring short video on what young people will do to play the game they love.

Posted: 25 April 2012

Deadlier than dehydration...

Interesting article about the effects of over hydration.

Posted: 08 March 2012

Coconut Oil Benefits for Workout

New theory tackles head on the conventional dietary theories that saturated fats are bad for human nutrition, and that polyunsaturated fats are good

Posted: 08 March 2012

Exercise And A Little Caffeine Fight Skin Cancer

In a study out of Rutgers University’s Susan Lehman Cullman Laboratory for Cancer Research, it was found that people who drank moderate amounts of caffeine and exercised had lower evidence of skin cancer

Posted: 22 February 2012

Health News - Wheat: Friend or Foe?

Posted: 22 February 2012

New: Street/Jazz Dance workshop - Sunday 9th May

Street/jazz and musical theatre for children aged 7- 12 years at our dance studio in the Body Workshop with Gemma Coe ( £8 with reduced rate for siblings.

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