Diet Plan

The new diet and exercise is a project I have been working on for a while and involves a combination of diet and excercise delivered in an online format - and best of all...


Like all succesfull programmes it had to be tested out first and I had a few friends and clients I persuaded to 'try out ' for me.  So here are the results of my programme - a real diet for real people:

Alex  says: really pleased with this... well done everyone on your losses-think we have proved that this works.  5 cm off Bust;  5 cm off waist;  2 cm off hips;  3 cm off legs;  2 cm off arms;  TOTAL 22cm and 5lbs lost (10 days).

Heather:  ( 14 days) This diet stabilised my blood sugar to the extent that I no longer needed my diabetic medication.  2" chest;  1 " waist;  2" hips;   1/2" right thigh;   1" left thigh;  TOTAL 6 inches and 6 lbs.

Lygia says: This has been  great  for all of us... thankyou Christine for creating the plan and keeping us all motivated.   AMAZING RESULTS.   1/2 inch arms;  1 inch chest;  2 inches  waist;  2 inches hips;  1 inch legs;  TOTAL 8 inches and 10 lbs (10 days).

Kusi  says: excellent diet, at the right time to help me look fantastic for my birthday weekend...   1.5 inches waist;  3/4 inch arms;  3 inches legs;  2 inches hips;  TOTAL 11 inches  (10 days).

Becky says: I dont actually crave all the naughty stuff now ...thats the strangest thing, could take it or leave it.  1 inch waist;  1/2 inch legs;  TOTAL 2 inches and 5 lbs.

Christine: (yes they made me do it too)  1" off each leg;  1"off waist;  1" off hips;  1" off each arm;  TOTAL 6 inches (10 days).

So what do you think....? real results from real club members all ages... and me too

The programme itself is a combination of diet and exercise over a 10 or 14 day period - accessed via the internet by using a secret facebook group. Very easy to follow with plenty of support from other participants. I will be here to answer any questions and check up on you on a daily basis. There is a choice of two daily 10 min exercise modules to follow - one is reasonably challenging and the other is suitable if you have any injuries... or some did both !

I can guarantee you will lose body fat/inches if you follow this plan!

Were there any failures you may ask ? Unfortunately there was one - he didnt realise lager wasnt on the plan and kind of fell by the wayside but amused the rest of us along the way

The next programme will start Monday 12th November, just in time for those Christmas parties, at a cost of £25.00 and you can join in for either 10 or 14 days, whatever fits in with you.

If you have any question or want to reserve your place then e mail me at or ring Bodyworkshop for a chat


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