Body Workshop Pole and Hoop

Build your confidence

Pole dancing will give you self-belief, self-love, confidence and inner-reliance.

They started at the beginning: YouTube

Build your strength

Aerial Hoop is a full body workout. You will build strength in your arms, shoulders and upper body.

Full body workout: YouTube

Be you

Being you is the most important aspect of you. Pole and hoop will provide firmness both physically and emotionally.

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Aerial Hoop

- (aka the aerial ring, lyra, or also cerceau | cerceaux)

The Aerial Hoop and also Crescent Moon is a circular steel hoop suspended securely from our ceiling by steel apparatus and attached to a steel girder.

Why the Aerial Hoop?

Using the Aerial Hoop will:

  1. Work and target your upper body and also core as you raise and lift your legs up and through the hoop

  2. It will improve your overall core stability and strength

  3. It will improve your balance and posture

  4. It will increase your flexibility, which in turn will reduce ageing injuries

  5. It will improve your overall joint and muscular mobility

  6. It will strongly increase your endurance

  7. With the Body workshop, it is full of fun and laughter

  8. All ages are welcome and below 16 years old, with a parent or guardian

Crescent Moon

Why should I come to the Body Workshop and learn the Aerial Hoop?

The Aerial Hoop is both physically and mentally challenging. You will learn to believe in your ability. It will build your strength and your flexibility. All that use the hoop become more confident, strong and develop an, I can do it, mantra!

Can anyone do it?

The Body Workshop proudly welcomes a full range of skills, abilities, shapes and sizes. Some are coming back to the Aerial Hoop and others are complete beginners. We promise that your fitness will improve and most of all, it will be fun!

What actual fitness benefits will Aerial Hoop or Crescent Moon bring me?

The Aerial Hoop is a full body workout, allowing you to build strength in your arms, shoulders and upper body, and yes, your core and a six-pack!

Most of all and in a few short classes, you will notice more flexibility, and improved balance and coordination as well as greatly improved posture. Your own body weight (if you feel that you are too heavy or too weak) is no barrier and we promise that your self-confidence will make you believe that are on top of the world.

Pole Fitness

Why Pole Fitness?

A simple answer with 5 reasons.

  1. Increased strength

  2. Increased flexibility

  3. Improved cardiovascular health

  4. Weight loss

  5. Stability to mental health

Okay, interesting, however do I have the strength or ability?

Yes Pole Fitnesses works for all, and consider this.

  1. It is a very quick calorie burner. You are using the whole body therefore a perfect isometric and also cardiovascular exercise. In one session, burning 500 calories

  2. Your self-confidence will build to the nth degree. Returning or new to the exercise, once you have learnt the basics, you will find your muscles, strengthen very quickly. Then as you develop some typical moves and skills, you will fell your confidence improve, class by class. and a body that makes heads turn. Especially when you notice your posture improving.

  3. Your psychological and also emotional health will improve exponentially. Or in other words, say goodbye to anxiety, stress and depression. The chemical changes in the pain when using your body as an exercise tool, always promote positive hormones.

  4. Body flexibility equals good health and reduced illness. Pile fitness will allow you to become more limber. Therefore and with flexibility, you will greatly reduce the risk of back pain and keyboard or mobile phone neck and tight muscles would be released.

  5. Your increased flexibility therefore means that you have good bones and body joints. Just think of the pain form carrying a bag on one shoulder or sitting in a chair for hours. That joint pain can lead to the development of osteoporosis. Therefore by you practising pole fitness you will develop stronger bones and connective tissue, and as a result, increased joint mobility. Additionally, there is a lower impact on your joints compared to road running or even skipping (jump rope).

  6. As well as flexibility, and improved joints, your heart will have increased blood flow. A gentle work-out is as good for your heart as a moderate to an intense aerobic work-out. The increased blood flow, allowing all muscles to react and improve movement and usage.

  7. Increased blood flow, allows positive endorphins to be released allowing you to become more motivated. Some workouts can seem a chore. Pole Fitness is always fun. The positive endorphins start immediately, and all, mental health and also physical health, will improve and stay improved.

  8. Greatly improved kinaesthetics (your awareness of the position and movement of the parts of the body by means of sensory organs, muscles and joints.) awareness, allows your brain to accurately plot spacial areas in relation to other objects around you. This basically allows you to remove irrational fear.

  9. You will rest better and be able sleep better. Working your whole body, and yes, gradually without realising, allows all parts of your body, from head to toe, to have increased blow flow. Reducing stress and increasing endorphins. When you go to bed, you will sleep and sleep well.

Can I use the pole during pregnancy?


  • Pole fitness will develop your back and core. Therefore providing you with an exceptionally strong back and abdominal muscles, which drastically helps with any back pain experienced during your pregnancy and many have said, allowing the childbirth to be less painful.

Mmmm... what else?

You will use your whole body without realizing. It will stretch out stubborn muscles, give back natural upper body strength and stability. Increased spine muscles and core. In fact, generally your abs, stomach muscles and also lower back muscles will all become stronger from your first session. You are never too weak or too heavy. You will slowly learn to climb, slowly learn to lift your legs always have without strain, a complete body workout.

Great feedback ...

body workshop testimonial for pole and aerial hoop
Chi B.

"Thank you Christine for my intro to hoop today. Seriously LOVED it 💕⭐️💕You are so lovely and patient. I highly recommend to all ❤️❤️❤️" (2021)

body workshop testimonial for pole and aerial hoop
Kat T.

"I have been attending pole classes with Christine for a year now and I had never been as comfortable at a gym before as I am with her. She makes you feel confident and safe and attends to you individually according to your level so that nobody feels out of place. I can't recommend her classes enough! (2021)

body workshop testimonial for pole and aerial hoop
Donna W.

"The best place to go in Lewes, everyone feels like family and has such a cared for and personal touch! would not go anywhere else!" (2021)

body workshop testimonial for pole and aerial hoop
Jo S.

"Fun, fun fun ... 💗 " (2020)

body workshop testimonial for pole and aerial hoop
Vicky W.

"So much fun, love the instructor she is amazing! (2020)

body workshop testimonial for pole and aerial hoop
Seer D.

"Amazing space and Christine is a fantastic teacher who can challenge and encourage all abilities and fitness levels to learn something new. I was able to develop my interest in aerial hoop here which led me to try other aerial sports such as the silks, and pole which is also taught here." (2019)

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